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Hmmmm...what to say? I LOVE reading. When I was 15 I discovered manga(and anime) and shortly after fanfiction. I could say I was obsessed. Normally I focus on one series for a while then move on to another, but for a long time its been all about Supernatural for me (and hey, they're making that into an anime-so I hope that's good, though I'll watch it no matter what...). But I just love that show so much. I like both Sam and Dean, but I'd have to say I'm a Dean girl. It took me a while, but I actually got into wincest, and I think in certain senarios it would actually work. And theoretically I don't think there is anything wrong with adult consensual incest, though in real life I can't even imagine the problems two people would face...But as long as no one is hurt...Well on a lighter note, check out my memories to find hundreds of Supernatural fics saved, but even better check out my delicious/diigo for more and with better sorting.
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